Request a FOI Review by the FOI Commissioner

If you disagree with a decision made under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) or a State or Territory Education and Care Services Regulatory Authority, you can ask for the decision to be reviewed by the National Education and Care Services Freedom of Information Commissioner.

You may want to seek a review if you requested access to certain documents and were not given full access, if someone is to be granted access to information that affects you, if the agency has informed you that it will impose a charge for processing your request, or if your application to have your personal information amended was not accepted.

You must apply in writing. Your application should include:

  • the name of the agency that made the initial FOI decision – ie ACECQA or a State or Territory Regulatory Authority
  • a copy of the notice of the decision that you want reviewed (if one was provided)
  • your contact details
  • the reasons you are objecting to the FOI decision
  • any supporting documentation.

What happens to your request?

The FOI Commissioner will assess the information you have provided and decide the appropriate next steps. We will then contact you.

Your personal information

If you have any questions about the personal information we collect and how we will handle your information, please contact our office or refer to our Privacy Policy.

Lodge your request for review or Request an Extension of Time

Lodge your request for a review by the FOI Commissioner in one of the following ways:

Completed downloaded forms can be emailed, mailed or delivered in person.

For initial discussion or for assistance you can contact the Office on (03) 9910 9868.